Bradie Ewing fans from Richland Center take trip to Rose Bowl

PASADENA -- From Richland Center, to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, it's been an amazing journey for Badgers' fullback Bradie Ewing. But he hasn't been alone on the ride. Two Badgers fans share a connection with the Wisconsin senior that they'll never forget.

Ewing is not the biggest name to come out of Richland Center, but you can't say that to some of his fans! "I think Bradie Ewing is the most famous person to come out of Richland Center since probably Frank Lloyd Wright, and in fact, I think he is probably more popular than Frank Lloyd Wright," Todd Allbaugh said.

Linda Wallace is Ewing's neighbor. She lives two doors down from Ewing's parents, David and Andrea, and is good friend's with Ewing's grandparents. "I pushed his dad in the stroller, so then when I got to know Bradie, I had him in Vacation Bible School when he was in first and second grade," Wallace said.

When the Badgers punched their ticket to the second straigt Rose Bowl, the "Ewing Fan Club" had to make the trip. "Bradie has pushed so hard to get to where he is, and it has been wonderful to see his strength and his determination," Wallace said.

Sunday, Ewing's Richland Center fans took part in a Rose Bowl kick-off luncheon, where they were able to see their favorite former walk-on on stage with big names. Their trip got even better when Allbaugh found a sticker under his chair, that allowed him to become one of the lucky contestants that got to go up on stage, and get a football autographed by the team, including Ewing.

Now, they're just hoping for a Badgers win on Monday! "Bradie epitomizes the entire team in Wisconsin: hard-working, determination and great character," Allbaugh said.