Bradford Harrington faces 29 new charges, accused of getting women high, recording sex with them

MILWAUKEE -- 49-year-old Bradford Harrington of Milwaukee faces 29 new criminal charges. This, after already being accused of contacting prostitutes in jail, putting money in a jail account for at least one of them, and getting women high on drugs, having sex with them and recording it.

Bradford Harrington

The new charges filed on Tuesday, March 15th include the following:

    These new charges span at least two years, and have a lot to do with lewd photos and videos allegedly found on Harrington's phone.

    Harrington was charged back in January with three counts of second degree sexual assault of an intoxicated victim, and one count of capturing an image of nudity -- accused of putting money in an inmate's jail account, scouting for women with prostitution charges, taking at least one for a heroin fix and having sex with her and recording it.

    That complaint says officials noticed inmates charged with prostitution were having frequent and extensive contact with Harrington. In fact, police say 633 phone calls were made from inmates to Harrington's phone.

    One woman told investigators Harrington allegedly looked at a site called "Jailbase" every day to find new inmates to contact, sometimes putting money in alleged prostitutes' jail accounts so they would owe him favors.

    The complaint says Harrington admitted to keeping pre-filled Narcan syringes in the trunk of his car and vials in his kitchen because he "doesn't want a dead girlfriend on his hands."

    Bradford Harrington

    According to the new criminal complaint, several more women accuse Harrington of taking video and pictures of them having sex with him -- without their consent.

    The complaint indicates some of the women told investigators they would engage in sex for money, some to support their drug habits.

    Police say the women appeared to be drugged in the photos and videos allegedly found on Harrington's phone.

    The cases included in this new criminal complaint extend back to November 2013.

    In several of the cases, the victims told police they had "dated" Harrington multiple times. Some said they were "under the influence of drugs" during some of the incidents involving Harrington. One woman said she would not have consented to have sex for money or to be recorded during sex if she hadn't been high: "If I wasn't doing drugs, I wouldn't be doing any of this. I don't think no girls would."

    The complaint indicates Harrington told investigators the women were willing, and that he paid them for sex. But several of the women told police a different story -- saying they were so drugged up, they couldn't consent and din't give permission for video and photos to be taken of them.

    One of the woman told investigators: "I thought I knew Harrington, but clearly I didn't," when shown photos and videos Harrington had allegedly taken of her.

    A warrant for Harrington's arrest was issued on Tuesday, and a source told FOX6 News Harrington was arrested on Tuesday afternoon.

    FOX6 News asked Harrington about the January charges and the new allegations against him.

    "I'm innocent of this, I don't know anything. This is all false," Harrington said.