Boys and Girls Club creates PSAs to highlight teen pregnancy

MILWAUKEE – Member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee are taking to viral video to spread awareness of teen pregnancy and STDs.  They created nine public service announcements on the web, to be viewed by schools and teens throughout Milwaukee.

To kick off "Prevent Teen Pregnancy Month," nine videos were all written and produced by teens, highlighting issues like teen pregnancy, dating violence and sexually transmitted infections.

“We’re getting teens together to get into some interaction about what's going on in Milwaukee and what we can do as teenagers,” Sarah Tyree-Francis, health manager for the Boys & Girls Clubs said.

The videos, with titles like “Think Twice,” “Condom Sense” and “HIV Looks Like Me,”were presented to students from four different high schools Wednesday, May 2nd.  Each deliver a sobering message.

“We actually have the second highest rate of Chlamydia in the nation, which is pretty scary for some people to hear.  But it's reality and it’s prevalent through the ages of 15-19 in the city of Milwaukee,” Tyree-Francis said.

“We've seen girls younger than me, and I'm 17, that are pregnant,” high school junior Corin Odum, who helped make one of the PSAs said.  “We're the same age group.  We can relate.  I mean, I've been where they are and they're at where I’m at.”

Odum is hoping the use of viral video will reach out to more teens that making smart choices is the key to preventing life-changing situations.

If you'd like to check the videos out yourself, you can view the Boys & Girls Club’sYoutube or Facebook pages.