Boil water advisory in effect for residents of Paddock Lake

PADDOCK LAKE (WITI) -- A boil water advisory is in effect for residents of the Village of Paddock Lake in Kenosha County.

A system wide loss of water pressure occurred in the Village of Paddock Lake Water utility water distribution system on Wednesday, May 29th around 2:30 a.m. This was due to a control panel equipment failure.

Residents are urged to boil tap water or use bottled water for drinking, food preparation and making ice.

If you boil water, the water should reach a rolling boil for at least one minute, then cool. Ice should be purchased or made from bottled water. Any old ice, food, and beverages prepared with unsafe water since the loss of pressure on May 29th should be discarded.

The water is okay to use for flushing, washing and showering. It is not okay for infants, immune-compromised individuals or persons with open sores or wounds.

Dishes may be washed only if thoroughly dried or if a high-temperature automatic dishwasher is used or if a capful of chlorine is added to the rinse water

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