"BobbleHank" bobblehead giveaway contributes to long lines with new security

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- On Saturday, September 13th, the Milwaukee Brewers will battle the Cincinnati Reds, and fans are in for a special treat!

Hank, the "Ballpark Pup" will be the star of this baseball game though -- fans attending can expect a "BobbleHank" bobblehead giveaway for tonight's 6:10 pm game.

Prior to the game, the Brewers Community Foundation will present a $130,000 check to the Wisconsin Humane Society during an on-field, pre-game ceremony.

The money raised is all from the sales of Hank merchandise items sold at the Brewers Store by Majestic, as well as donations from fans -- 20% of retail sales from all the "Ballpark Pup" items benefit the Wisconsin Humane Society's "Hank Fund."

It was a packed house at Miller Park on Saturday night as the Brewers give out "BobbeHank" bobbleheads.

This is all as the Brewers try out new security steps, including screening all fans at all gates, for just the second time this season.

There is just something about Hank the dog that makes Wisconsinites swoon.

"He's a puppy and he's adorable, I love animals," said Hank fan, Sharon Pearlman.

In order for fans to claim their "BobbleHank" prize, Brewers fans had to brave some security lines. Saturday marked the second day this season that all fans had to be screened by metal detectors at the park's gates.

"It's a long wait, I don't understand why it's taking this long," said Brewers fan, Rob Hopfensperger.

FOX6 News hiked to the back of the line and asked one fan to time how long it took for him to make the through the security check -- for Hopfensperger, the wait was nearly 21 minutes.

"I thought it was going to be longer just from standing looking up here it was a pretty long line but it was moving pretty quickly actually," Hopsfensperger said.

Perhaps surprisingly, none of the fans FOX6 News spoke with complained about the wait.

"It's really great you feel safe and we're all a big family of Brewer fans here so I think we all feel better for it," said baseball fan, Jo'el Pearlman.

The security screenings are part of a major league baseball initiative. The plan is to screen all fans at all games for both the postseason, and the 2015 baseball season.