Blue Ribbon Beer Run showcases vintage cars, buildings

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- From hot rods to hot bods, the Blue Ribbon Beer Run is Milwaukee's first nationally recognized pre-1964 vintage car show, located at the historic Pabst Brewery.

Organizer Cary Maleu says it's an opportunity to pay homage to classic cars and vintage buildings around MIlwaukee.

"People live, breathe this stuff. This is what it`s about -- friends, cars, the music, the history, and Pabst," said Maleu.

The event takes place outside the Pabst Brewery and Brewery Inn and Suites.

"Pabst is a milestone in Milwaukee and these buildings have been sitting here, and so why not combine the culture of the 60's and the beer of the 60's?" said Arlo Dillman of Wisconsin Hot Rod Radio.

Dillman believes it's about time downtown Milwaukee hosts a show like this.

"We go to Iowa, we go upper Wisconsin, we go to Minnesota, we go all over," said Dillman. "Now we have it here and this is the right setting."

The Blue Ribbon Beer Run is sponsored by Pabst and staffed by nearly 30 volunteers. Proceeds from the event benefit causes including the MS Society and the Wounded Warriors Project.