Blowing and drifting snow could be problem for drivers on Monday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The accumulating snow left southeast Wisconsin early Monday morning. But that does not mean we're out of the wintry woods altogether.

Winds are expected to be brisk out of the west on Wednesday -- and because the snow that fell is light and fluffy, there's a strong possibility of blowing and drifting. Roads or freeways that are predominantly north and south will be affected the most. Rural locations may experience more of a problem with the blowing and drifting.

Winds are forecast to be between 15 and 20 throughout Monday morning. They could gust to near 30 m.p.h. later in the day.

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Drivers are also being urged to take caution on their commutes Monday morning. That's because snow plows and salters will be out in force -- clearing the roads. You're encouraged to given those vehicles plenty of extra distance to get their job done.

One last note of caution -- some intersections will have piles of snow left behind from the snow plows. Drive around them when possible. If necessary to drive through those piles, do so with caution -- because the snow may be covering something that could seriously impact your car's driveability.

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