Blast from the past: Miller Lite's retro beer can returns!

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Remember when it was, "everything you wanted in a beer...and less?" The Miller Lite brand leans heavily on its history. These days, the beer which bills itself as the, USA's first nationally distributed, low-calorie beer is reaching back -- hoping to encourage beer drinkers to grab a beer, blast from the past.

Back in the 70's, it was all the rage as Miller Lite led the light beer LoveFest -- now it's back!

"They love the authentic message right now. It's what millennial consumers are driving," said Lisa Webb, from MillerCoors.

Webb says following the label's appearance in Anchorman 2 late last year, the company decided to produce the retro look, for just a couple months.

"That just grew and grew, and over 6 to 8 weeks we said, well we can't take the can outta market, it's so popular and everybody is gravitating to it," Webb said.

The response convinced the company to continue the can design, expanding its use to everything which represents Miller Lite.

"The new white label bottle is hitting bars right now as well. Consumers are going to be able to enjoy it in the can but in the bottle, and then, we're transitioning through the whole portfolio," said Webb.

A return to the original look of Miller Lite is a massive undertaking, it involves a lot of changes -- changes which aren't just taking place here in the Miller Valley.

Andy Bauer is a national sales manager for AJS Tap Handles, in Random Lake -- which uses Wisconsin wood to manufacture countless tap handles for bars throughout the world.

"Basically, every step of the way through here is through Wisconsin companies," said Bauer.

Bauer explains, Miller Lite's new look led to an order of 60,000 tappers.

"It's an overwhelming number when you first hear it, but no problem, we can figure it out and make it happen. So it was an exciting challenge," said Bauer.

Both companies say it's a change which Wisconsin, and the world are ready to wraps their hands around.

"Everybody was quite excited, let's just say that. It's definitely a big win, and good to get it back in Wisconsin," Bauer said.

The folks at AJS Tap Handles say they may end up filling as many as 100,000 orders for the original Miller Lite tap handles by the end of the year.