Bitter cold weather impacts price of produce

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The up and down temperatures may now be affecting your trip to the grocery store.

The months of January and February tend to see some of the highest fluctuation of prices in the produce department. That's even before you count the impact of deep freezes. But when we have a widespread cold snap across the country, it impacts the price of food greatly.

John Nehring is watching closely how the bitter cold affects food prices at his Sendik's store on Downer Ave. on Milwaukee's east side.

"Produce pricing never sits still. It always fluctuates. There is always something happening. It could be fire it could be rain, it cold be snow," said Nehring.

Nehring has seen price swings of 300 percent in a matter of days -- jumps going both ways. Cucumbers are priced high -- so are peppers.

"At the same time, brussel sprouts -- why are they low?! Well, there must be a lot of them out there, and must need to get rid of them," said Behring.

After a deep freeze, it's common for customers to hold out and wait for prices to drop. Even if they are patient, chances are the ups and downs of prices in the produce department will drag into spring.