Bill going through state Capitol could cap contributions

MADISON (WITI) -- It's a widely-held belief that it takes money to play the game of politics well and now, if one bill makes it through, there could soon be more money lining the pockets of potential politicos. The cap on campaign contributions would be raised, so individuals could donate more money to their favorite candidate.

Here's the breakdown: In the past, you could have donated $10,000 max to a candidate for governor, lieutenant governor and some other statewide offices. This bill would move the limit to $20,000.

For state Senate candidates, the current cap is $1,000. That would bump up to $2,000. And the amount for state Assembly candidates would also double from the current $500 to $1,000.

"They've been the same since 1970s," said State Rep. Kathleen Bernier, (R-Chippewa Falls). "So I think it was time to take a look at, you know inflation has hit everything including contributions and the limit, the total limit was pretty low as well."

Whatever your opinions about allowing more money into political coffers, some are saying this move could let more sunshine in.

"Let's say you have $1,000 right now," said State Rep. Terese Berceau, (D-Madison). "You give $500 to the candidate of your choice but you probably take the other $500 and you would give it to an organization that doesn't have to report individually. Now you can give that $1,000 to your favorite candidate, but you will be on record as having done that."