Big Bend supervisor serves 10-day suspension after suggesting 'bedroom gymnastics' to coworkers

BIG BEND -- A Village of Big Bend supervisor is back to work after serving a 10-day suspension for violating the village's sexual harassment policy. It happened back in March, but FOX6 News heard from Eric Pedersen for the first time Thursday, May 3.

During his interview with Big Bend police, Department of Public Works Supervisor Eric Pedersen repeatedly told investigators he never tried to harass anyone.

"I believe I have a great working relationship with these people," said Pedersen.

A 125-page investigation paints a much different picture. It lists in detail eight separate claims of sexual harassment made by Pedersen's female and male coworkers. One told police Pedersen said she and two others should come to the village Christmas party in lingerie and make it a lingerie party. Petersen says he was only telling them about a fundraiser he heard about.

"They wore lingerie and raised a bunch of money, and we were talking about it and laughing about it, but it wasn't derogatory," Pedersen said.

Other coworkers say Pedersen suggested they do "bedroom gymnastics," and that the library play adult movies to increase event attendance.

"I'm not talking porno movies, I'm talking adult movies. I was talking I guess you would call that rated R," said Pedersen.

Another coworker told investigators after spilling water, Pedersen pulled his pant leg to the side and said, "See, can you tell, can you see it?" She said Pedersen's zipper was down.

"That never happened. My zipper was never open," Pedersen said. "I never walked in her office and pulled my pants aside. I was over by the mailbox."

Pedersen denied all the claims and made one of his own.

"I think there is a witch hunt going on right now," Pedersen said.

The Big Bend Village Board suspended Pedersen for 10 days. He also signed a last chance agreement. If he behave inappropriately again, he faces immediate termination.

There has been some fallout the board's decision to suspend Pedersen. One of the employees who made a sexual harassment claim resigned.