Best headphones for your workout

No matter how you work out, a solid pair of headphones and some good tunes can be just the thing to keep you going. 

But with more choices than ever when it comes to wireless models, how do you know which ones to choose? Consumer Reports shares a few that did well in rigorous headphone tests.

First up, the Bose SoundSport Wireless for $130 ($150 in Canada), which sit near the top of CR’s ratings for portable Bluetooth models thanks, in part, to their solid sound quality. 

And Bose headphones do well in CR’s surveys for owner satisfaction and predicted reliability.

If you love the gym but not all the background noises, consider the noise-canceling Cleer Ally Plus for $100 ($150 in Canada). 

CR’s tests show they deliver excellent active noise reduction and very good sound quality.

And if you’re looking for a true wireless model that won’t break the bank, check out the 1MORE PistonBuds for $40 ($50 in Canada). 

They scored very good for sound quality, beating out more expensive competitors in CR’s ratings.

Consumer Reports says true wireless models often have a shorter battery life than other models.

But most come with a carrying case that doubles as a charger, letting you charge your headphones on the go.

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