'Best boy in the world:' Dog rescued from 'horrific' Racine shelter living happy life 5 years later

RACINE -- It's been five years since 94 animals were rescued from horrific conditions at an animal shelter in Racine. The good news is many of the animals have found happy new homes.

A little love is what Max needed.

"I think he's happy now," said Penny Hool, Max's owner. "He still has some baggage."

Dogs rescued from Orphan Kanines

Penny Hool

That baggage is because Max didn't always have so much room to run.

"He was terrified of everyone, everything, every loud noise," said Hool.

Max was one of 94 animals rescued from "Orphan Kanines."

"It was just horrific," said Angela Speed. VP of Communications for the Wisconsin Humane Society. "The conditions were horrific. I remember entering the building and seeing dogs in several feet of feces."

Speed was there the day the Wisconsin Humane Society helped rescue the animals. It's a day she'll never forget.

"Behaviorally, they were so shut down and so desperate for attention," said Speed. "It was just heartbreaking."

Dogs rescued from Orphan Kanines

Angela Speed

But now, exactly five years later, the Humane Society is getting updates on pets like Max.

"Who's the best boy in the world?" asks Max's family.

A dog once afraid of men, Max now loves his dad and will walk straight towards a stranger with a camera.

"He's just a real sweetheart, a real sweetheart," said Hool.

The Wisconsin Humane Society says the Orphan Kanines experience helped them prepare for future hoarding situations. They respond to quite a few -- and urge anyone who thinks someone might need help to give them a call.

Dogs rescued from Orphan Kanines