Beloit community happy, relieved baby Kayden is home

TOWN OF BELOIT (WITI) -- Community members in the Town of Beloit say it has been a surreal turn of events over the past few days, as a newborn baby went missing and was found safely at a gas station in Iowa.

"There was a lot of coverage and I think that helped, you know? There was an awareness in Iowa that something was going on and there was a baby and I think that's what led to the conclusion," said John Carroll.

The kidnapping of Kayden Powell made national headlines and the search for the infant had residents in Beloit speculating what may have happened.

"It was one of those things that obviously, from a news perspective, caught your attention of what the heck happened here," said Steve Howland.

"I was praying Lord, let this family be able to turn their sorrow into joy and their mourning into dancing," said Rob Gottfredsen.

Much to the relief of the community -- and nation -- Baby Kayden was alive and well when an Iowa police chief found him in a tote bag outside a gas station. The infant reunited with his family on Friday, February 7th.

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