Become a better rider and take a motorcycle safety course with Learning Curves Safety School

WEST ALLIS (WITI) -- There have been several roadway deaths involving motorcycles in Wisconsin this year and the summer driving season is just beginning. New drivers are especially vulnerable but there are more intensive safety courses available the state doesn't require you to take.

Rick Breuer says there's no way around it. Learning to ride a motorcycle safely is a must.

Rick Breuer teaches a basic riding course -- he's the owner of Learning Curves Motorcycle Safety School.

Saturday's class at State Fair Park has 12 riders focusing on bike controls, maneuvering and basic street riding.

"We really appreciate them. Emergency braking, obstacle avoidance. We work on all that for the class," said Rick Breuer, with Learning Curves Safety School.

A class like this is mandatory for riders under 18. However, adults can opt for a driving test at the DMV.

"A lot of beginner riders think you steer a motorcycle when actually you press the handlebar the opposite direction to make the motorcycle lean the way you want it to go," said Merle Coggins, rider coach.

Breuer says many factors contribute to a single motorcycle crash and riders may have control over some of them.

"If you can eliminate one or two of those factors by being a better rider, for instance, or wearing safety gear for instance, or riding unimpaired for instance. All of those things are going to take away some of the factors that contribute to crashes," said Breuer.

Wisconsin law doesn't require licensed adults to wear a helmet but Breuer certainly encourages people to.

"It doesn't take much. I've lost plenty of friends on motorcycles without helmets for silly reasons, going 30 miles and hour, twenty miles and hour," said Breuer.

And wearing a helmet is mandatory to take his class.

To date, Rick Breuer has trained more than 8,000 motorcycle drivers through his safety school.