'Be a hero, stay home:' Milwaukee aldermen urge residents to take 'Safer at Home' order seriously

MILWAUKEE -- Leaders in the City of Milwaukee are stressing the public take the state's "Safer at Home" order seriously.

"You as a community member play the largest role in overcoming this pandemic," said Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales said in a public service announcement.

The evidence is out there. The coronavirus spreads from person to person. Unfortunately, there is also evidence not everyone is taking the health risks seriously.

Milwaukee Alderman Russell Stamper

"They are congregating. They are playing basketball. They are spending time outside in groups.," said Milwaukee Alderman Russell Stamper.

This week, police informed several city aldermen that a number of residents on the city's north side are not practicing social distancing -- even after the "Safer at Home" order was issued statewide.

On Friday, March 27, several aldermen were speaking out on the issue.

"This virus is spreading rapidly throughout the African American community," Stamper said.

In response, public service campaigns are now launching to spread the messages of "Safer at Home" and why it is crucial to avoid non-essential travel.

Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton said Milwaukee police will be in the community working to educate everyone on the order -- and reduce confusion. In a statement, he said in part:

"We need to stop the spread of this highly transmissible virus in our community ASAP and the only way that can be accomplished is with broad cooperation from citizens in obeying the stay at home order. We are saying, 'Be a hero, stay home.'"

Milwaukee police are seeking voluntary compliance as the country continues to fight COVID-19. A spokesperson for the department said all those that officers have come in contact with because they are not following "Safer at Home" orders have complied and dispersed.

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