BBI Detection in Madison one of several labs mistakenly shipped live anthrax spores

MADISON — A Wisconsin laboratory has confirmed it was one of several that were mistakenly shipped live anthrax spores last week.

BBI Detection of Madison, which employs around 20 people, remains partially closed.

Jackie Lustig, a spokeswoman for Alere Incorporated, which operates BBI, says no employees have gotten sick and nobody is in danger. She also says there's no danger to the public.

BBI makes technology for detecting biological threats, including anthrax detection kits.

The Army says it meant to send dead anthrax samples to 18 labs in nine states, but there may have been a failure in the technical process for killing them. While federal officials would not identify the non-government labs, they said four people at labs in Delaware, Texas and Wisconsin were advised to get antibiotics as a precaution.