Bay View Barbershop hosts "Shave the Date" to raise awareness about men's health

Shave the Date

BAY VIEW -- Men all over southeastern Wisconsin are raising awareness for men's health by losing something they hold dear. The premise is as simple as a shave.

"You definitely want to prep the beard very well so the razor has a nice buffer," said Jess Stern, Stag Barbershop owner.

On the first day of November, Stern hosted her sixth "Shave the Date" event.

"Not only raises awareness for prostate cancer research, but also other men's health issues," said Stern.

Shave the Date

Shave the Date

Every shave scheduled will benefit the Movember Foundation.

Experiencing his first straight-blade shave in years, Joe Lasusa settled in to support his fellow man.

"My father actually had prostate cancer a while back; is perfectly fine now," said Lasusa.

Joe Lasusa

On Wednesday, Stag booked 40 shaves and Lasusa was one of the first.

The business is also donating money from shoe shines.

Shave the Date is one of many events this month partnering with the organization "Movember MKE," and as hard as it may be to lose the beard, it's another step closer to gaining an edge.

Shave the Date

"Cancer is a killer and this is a way to deal with it," said Lasusa.

Stag Barbershop is located at Delaware and Oklahoma in Bay View -- and their event runs through 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Shave the Date