Banks and credit unions feeling effect of Target security breach

GLENDALE (WITI) -- Shoppers are being warned to check their credit and debit card transactions after retail giant, Target, announced a massive security breach. Area banks and credit unions say they have begun to feel a ripple effect.

Educators Credit Union locations in the Milwaukee area have flagged accounts used at Target between November 27th and December 15th. They are now being monitored for fraud. Employees say there has been a noticeable increase in account holders stopping in to have their cards blocks.

"Some of our branches are issuing over 100 cards a day and that would probably represent a triple to quadruple the amount of cards they would normally issue," said Bob Walleser with Educators Credit Union.

The credit union says they aren't aware of any members victimized by the breach, but says people should still be on alert by watching for unusual activity on their accounts.

Target customers have been frustrated trying to get answers from the store's customer service departments.

"I was trying to call and busy, busy, busy," said Jeanelle Memmel. "Calling and calling and never getting though, never getting through."

Target confirms that credit and debit card information for as many as 40 million customers was compromised over three weeks during the holiday shopping season. Although the retailer says the breach has been resolved, not all customers have been put at ease.

"I run a business so it's like I'm afraid for any type of information that is attached to my numbers," said Memmel.

Target says shoppers affected by the breach will bear zero liability for any unauthorized charges. Educators Credit Union says they can instantly reissue credit and debit cards to members needing some peace of mind.