Badgers Montee Ball ticketed during Mifflin Street block party

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Madison police say Wisconsin running back Montee Ball has been ticketed for trespassing during the annual Mifflin Street block party.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain says Ball was on the porch of home Saturday, May 5th and a resident didn't want him there.

Several Mifflin St. residents have posted no-trespassing signs this year, allowing police to issue tickets if unwanted people are on the property.

DeSpain says Ball was cooperative, and alcohol wasn't an issue. The junior was given a $429 ticket.

Justin Doherty is the school's associate athletic director. He says coach Bret Bielema will likely have a conversation with his star running back over the incident.

Doherty also says the citation represents a good learning opportunity for Ball and the university's other student-athletes.

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