Badgers face Spartans in inaugural Big Ten Championship

The No. 15 Wisconsin Badgers are headed to Indianapolis this weekend to take on No. 11 Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship game, and for those fans looking to support the team in Indy, there are tickets available, and websites offering travel packages for the game.

Ticket King is a Milwaukee ticket broker, and they say they're already getting calls for tickets to Saturday's big game, and they expect demand will only increase as we get closer to game day. "It wasn't determined until this past Saturday whether they were going to bein the game or not, so a lot of people weren't really planning on making the trip, and now they are making those decisions," Ticket King President John Lamoreaux said.

The Wisconsin Alumni Association has organized a bus trip to Saturday's game. Two buses will pick people up from Milwaukee and Madison, but the Alumni Association says the buses are already full with people who made travel plans early.

Andy Crooks is a former Badgers football player, and he says he hopes the Badgers win not only the Big Ten Championship game, but also move on to the Rose Bowl. "Once a Badger, always a Badger. Seeing how the executed makes me happy to call Wisconsin my Alma Mater," Crooks said.

The Michigan State Spartans have beaten the Badgers two years in a row, and this year's loss was particularly painful, with a last-second Hail Mary pass, for a game-winning touchdown that essentially took Wisconsin out of the national championship picture.