Badger Guns to reopen with new name, new owner

MILWAUKEE -- Badger Guns has a new name, and soon, a new owner. Yet, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says he's worried about the same old problems. So how different is the new owner, and what are his plans to move the business forward?

Though the name of the business has changed, and the name of the owner, the former Badger Guns remains a family business. Mike Allen will officially take over what is now Brew City Shooter's Supply on Friday. The store looks pretty different on the inside.

Just months ago, the current owner, Adam Allen, had his license revoked by the federal government, so there are no more guns in cases inside the store, just gun supplies.

The new owner, Mike, is Adam's brother. "I'm not optimistic about the way city officials handle gun owners and gun stores, so I feel like dealing with them is going to be difficult," Mike said Wednesday.

Mike says the business is guilty by location. He says statistics showing their business as the number one seller of crime guns in the country are skewed. Mike says they are a high seller of guns, period, and the closest to the city of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn has said in the past, the store has a business plan that involves selling guns to criminals, and he's not optimistic a new family owner will change that. "Generally, the best predicator of future behavior is past behavior, and every time Badger has been in trouble and surrendered a license, it's turned around and reissued the license and gone right back in the same business it was," Flynn said.

Mike is in the process of reapplying for a new license to sell guns, and promises a greater emphasis will be placed on training. "I can't make someone take training, but I can recommend it, and if they choose to go elsewhere, so be it," Mike said. Mike also says the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has made it clear, his brother Adam cannot be on the payroll. "If that's what the ATF wants, then that's what I have to adhere to," Mike said. Mike remains defensive of his brother and the way he ran the business.