Attorneys for Jake Patterson, suspect in Jayme Closs case, speak out ahead of court hearing

BARRON -- The public defenders for Jake Patterson, 21, the suspect in the disappearance of Jayme Closs, 13, and the murder of her parents in October in Barron spoke out on Sunday night, Jan. 13 ahead of Patterson's initial court appearance Monday.

Charles Glynn and Richard Jones held a news conference at the Barron County Sheriff's Department.

"We  did have a chance to meet with Mr. Patterson tonight. One of the first questions we were asked is 'how he is feeling.' I can tell you Mr. Patterson’s feelings are consistent with what you would believe of someone who was involved in these allegations. He’s in a single cell in the Barron County Jail, and his feelings are appropriate for the time and circumstances. This is a tragic situation, from every perspective --a  lot of heavy hearts, lots of thoughts and prayers. It’s a strong community. You’ve seen how people have come together the last few months. There’s going to be a lot of healing that’s going to go on from every perspective. We have all the faith that will take place. Rick and I have many years of experience in the judicial system in the state of Wisconsin and we are very confident the integrity of the judicial system in the state of Wisconsin will allow this process to go forward in a fair and complete fashion. It’s going to be necessary -- clearly emotions, information, misinformation -- there’s a lot of stuff out there. We’re confident, Mr. Patterson, his legal team, in putting our faith in the judicial system to make sure all of it comes out appropriately. We area awaiting the filing of the criminal complaint tomorrow morning. We’ll be reviewing that and then there’s the initial appearance tomorrow afternoon. We can’t answer the particulars of that. There might be more in the criminal complaint. I cannot disclose (whether he confessed). I cannot discuss my specific conversations with him, but I will talk about the process and how we’re going to move forward," said Glynn.

"Once they find probable cause, if they find probable cause, the next step is to set bail and a preliminary hearing, which, again, is a hearing at which probable cause is then evaluated with witnesses, so tomorrow is not when a plea will be entered. We’ve had the fortunate, misfortune, depending on who you ask, to watch different shows, different interviews, read different articles, newspaper. There’s been a lot of emotion. There’s been one scene that showed a number of people assisting with the search. This has been an emotional time for this community -- very difficult -- and we’re aware of that.  We don’t take that lightly. We have a job to do, in terms of representing our client and protecting his rights and his interests, but we also understand the pain and emotion that has been generated within this community. Whenever you have that, you have to understand is there has to be a healing where people can move forward, and I think it’s widespread here. If you see the signs, Jayme's name has been on signs in the community since October in different forms and fashions, so this community will have to heal," said Jones.

Jake Patterson

"(Patterson's) feelings, his emotions are consistent with what you would expect. I suspect it will be a fairly detailed criminal complaint," said Glynn.

"It’s too early for us to determine what our defense is. We haven’t seen the criminal complaint. We haven’t read the police reports. We haven’t seen any videos or any other materials. There may be other scientific information for us to evaluate. We have to evaluate the entire case before we can make a decision in what direction we’re going," said Jones.

"I’m sure he’ll get a fair trial. I don’t know where it will be," said Glynn.

"We are bound by confidentiality. We can't disclose to you the conversations we’ve had with our client," said Jones.

Patterson was arrested Thursday, Jan. 10, moments after authorities said Jayme Closs escaped a home in Gordon, Wisconsin and approached a woman walking a dog -- asking for help. Authorities said Closs offered a description of Patterson's vehicle, and he was apprehended.

He's been held on suspicion of kidnapping and homicide.

Little has been revealed about Jayme's ordeal since her abduction in mid-October, although more details could come Monday.

Jayme's grandfather, Robert Naiberg, said Sunday that, considering the circumstances, the teen is holding up .

"She's doing exceptionally well for what she went through," Naiberg told The Associated Press by phone. "She's in exceptionally good spirits."

Jayme Closs

An intruder blasted open the door of James and Denise Closs' home near Barron with a shotgun Oct. 15, gunned the couple down and made off with Jayme.

While investigators have said Patterson's goal was to kidnap Jayme, he has no apparent prior connection to the family. Naiberg told the AP on Saturday that Jayme told FBI agents she did not know Patterson.