Attorney General candidate Susan Happ calls for background checks on all gun sales

MADISON (AP) — Wisconsin attorney general candidate Susan Happ is calling for background checks on all gun sales.

Happ's campaign released a statement Monday, October 13th -- saying background checks are an obvious solution to gun violence. Currently, federally licensed firearm dealers must conduct background checks on buyers. Private sellers aren't not required to conduct checks on buyers, however.

Happ is a Democrat who serves as Jefferson County's district attorney. She will face Brad Schimel, Waukesha County's Republican district attorney, in the Nov. 4 election.

Happ's statement came on the same day Schimel announced he had won the National Rifle Association's endorsement. He said in a statement responding to Happ's call for background checks that criminals don't fill out government forms. He says the real problem is prosecutors don't enforce laws barring felons from possessing guns.