Attorney General Brad Schimel will seek stay of ruling striking down right-to-work law

MADISON — Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel says state attorneys plan to seek a stay of a ruling striking down Wisconsin's right-to-work law as soon as a judge enters a formal order solidifying the decision.

Schimel told reporters Monday that the Department of Justice wants the law to remain in place while an appeal is pending.

"Uncertainty is always a negative. Employers need to know what the rules are when they make decisions about hiring people, laying people off, about expanding an operation. So uncertainty is a bad thing," Schimel said.

He said the agency is still reviewing whether to ask to ask the state Supreme Court to take the case directly or work through appellate courts. Conservative-leaning justices control the high court, increasing the likelihood the law would be upheld.

The unions expect to submit a proposed final order to Dane County Judge William Foust on Tuesday.

Schimel added it's unclear whether the ruling applies to all unions or just the three that challenged the law.