Attorney for Frank Jude says client "wishes for me to withdraw" in alleged vandalism case

MILWAUKEE -- Frank Jude Jr. claims his alleged vandalism at a gas station near Teutonia and Atkinson in April, caught on camera, wasn't done to be reckless. Jude was in court Monday, May 15th for his arraignment, facing a criminal damage to property charge (greater than $2,500).

You'll recall, Jude was beaten by off-duty Milwaukee police officers more than a decade ago, and later settled with the city for $2 million.

Frank Jude, Jr.

During his court appearance Monday, it seemed as though he and his attorney were not on the same page as to what Jude believes was the issue at hand.

Frank Jude and attorney Jonathan Smith

Monday would be the last time Jude and his attorney, Jonathan Smith would sit next to each other in this case.

"I have been advised by Mr. Jude that he wishes for me to withdraw as his attorney and seek different counsel," Smith said.

In addition to being concerned about violating attorney/client privilege, Jude had a few reasons for that decision.

"There has not been any secret that Mr. Jude believes there is someone interfering in his life, and that that was in part the nature of what...we don't necessarily see eye to eye on those matters. I think there is a plea that is more appropriate," Smith said.

Frank Jude

Jude requested to have a public defender fight his charge after he was caught on camera without a shirt, yelling and knocking over racks of food -- throwing items around the gas station on April 8th. On Monday, he shared with FOX6 News the reason for his alleged actions.

"What I was trying to do was block the gas station door. That's what I was doing. I was trying to call uniformed cops to come," Jude said.

Jude claims there was someone stalking him and he was trying to get away from her. When asked if there is anything regarding his competency that is in question, Jude said:

"I'm very smart. As intelligent as I am, but at the same time, I'm not slow. I know what's going on with my missing money. Stuff is missing from wherever I'm at. I am tired of getting victimized and harassed. This lady is like a predator. I just cant get away from her," Jude said.

Frank Jude

According to the criminal complaint, there was nothing reported substantiating Jude's claims someone was following him.

That complaint says around 11:00 p.m. on April 8th, police responded to the "Teutonia Gas Station" and observed Jude "with his shirt off, standing at the front door, yelling through a broken window." Racks of food were found knocked over -- and food was observed all over the floor.

Police watched surveillance video, which prosecutors say showed Jude "become angry and agitated" before "throwing a rack of snacks to the ground," along with a rack of newspapers -- throwing chips at the gas station's front door. He's also accused of knocking a microwave off a shelf, damaging it, and throwing a glass bottle at a window, breaking it.

Frank Jude Jr.

The gas station's owner told investigators approximately $5,000 in damage was done to the store, and he said he lost approximately $2,000 in revenue, as the store remained closed after this incident until 6:00 p.m. the next day.

His arraignment Monday was adjourned, and moved to June 5th. That will allow time for him to get a public defender, or hire a new attorney.