'At the mercy of weather:' Heat can't beat folks from getting outside to enjoy summer festivals

CUDAHY -- The excessive heat warning is forcing some people to stay indoors but others are welcoming the conditions.

FOX6's Angelica Sanchez is in Cudahy where the annual Sweet AppleWood Festival is underway.

"Sometimes they don't have someone there to check on them," said Michelle Allison, coordinator for the Social Development Commission.

When weather takes an extreme turn, it's important to look out for one another -- especially those most vulnerable to the change.

"It's this heat sometimes seniors don't always know how to adapt to heat," said Allison.

During Friday's excessive heat warning, members of a senior program out of the Social Development Commission, made the rounds to check in on their elderly members.

"She always drinks plenty of water. We both do," said Mae Liddell, Social Development Commission.

Hydration is highly encouraged over the next 48 hours, especially for those headed straight into the steamy conditions.

"We just want people to come here, listen to music, enjoy our food, have a couple beverages and have a good time," said Frank Miller, co-chair of the Sweet AppleWood Festival. "Every festival is at the mercy of weather, last year we had rain and it really hurt us."

Frank Miller, the co-chair of the Cudahy Sweet AppleWood Festival, says they are well prepared for the sizzling conditions.

"Bell Ambulance was kind enough to provide a misting tent for us to use," said Miller.

There's also extra water stations and plenty of water bottles. Organizers are also making sure employees working the festival aren't overworked. They're also watching out for the well-being of those in attendance.

Some people at the festival welcomed the turn in weather, knowing it's not going to last.

"My dad always said, 'you don't like the weather?' Wait five minutes, it changes in Wisconsin," said Nan Owen, Cudahy United Methodist.

While it's here...

"This is not an us thing, this is a we thing. We're all responsible for taking care of our community," said Allison.

The Sweet AppleWood Festival runs through Sunday, July 21. Organizers encourage those that attend to bring water.