Arrested: Members of 'Felony Lane Gang' caught in Brown County

BROWN COUNTY -- Brown County officials announced Friday, June 21 two women are in custody for allegedly being involved in a “Felony Lane Gang” style bank fraud and identity theft incident.

On Thursday, June 20 officials with the Brown County Sheriff's Office say two women tried to cash a fraudulent check at a De Pere bank. Employees noticed their activity was consistent with the "Felony Lane Gang" and immediately called police.

The “Felony Lane Gang” was described by the FBI as a group of organized burglary and identity theft rings originating in South Florida and operating in multiple jurisdictions throughout the U.S., including Wisconsin. Those involved -- most always women -- are known to use disguises such as wigs and use the farthest window from the teller in bank drive-thru lanes.

Woman wanted in 'Felony Lane Gang' style bank fraud/identity theft in Brown County

When officials searched the suspects' vehicle in De Pere, they found 29 different wigs and numerous electronic devices.

Anjelica Marsala, 26, from Illinois was arrested and deputies believe she had been involved with Felony Lane Gang fraud since late April to May of 2019.

Deputies also arrested 25-year-old Ashley Belvins from Tennessee.

Anjelica Marsala, Ashley Blevins

Investigators say the two women were brought to Wisconsin by Felony Lane Gang organizers from Florida. In these FLG cases, officials say the women used cars that were rented out of state but displayed Wisconsin plates.

Woman wanted in 'Felony Lane Gang' style bank fraud/identity theft in Brown County

The total loss is estimated at $50,000.

If you are a victim of identity theft, you are urged to call police.