Army Reservist wishes Afghanistan pullout had been done differently

After two decades, opinions can vary widely among those who served in Afghanistan – even before the war on terror began.

Eric Jaskolski joined up with the U.S. Army Reserve in 1998. More than ten years later, he deployed to Afghanistan. He worked at Bagram Airfield helping to supply the war effort as a specialist with the 826th Ordnance Company.

Eric Jaskolski

Eric Jaskolski

With that effort now ended, it makes Jaskolski further question the time and effort. But he is OK without having an answer.

Jaskolski told FOX6 News it is hard for him to come up with an answer that suffices for the time spent and lives lost in Afghanistan.

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"I think it could have been stopped a long time ago," Jaskolski said. 

Jaskolski said he signed up for the Army Reserve to keep himself out of trouble. That was back in 1998 when he was 19 years old. 

The military is run on logistics. The job in Afghanistan, Jaskolski said, did not give him a lot of time to think – just do.

"Especially depending on your role, wondering why we were there in the first place," Jaskolski said.

Eric Jaskolski

Eric Jaskolski

Jaskolski said after his ten-month deployment was up, he left. But the war continued on until this month.

"Huge disconnect," Jaskolski said.

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Between what Jaskolski said was the American public at large – and a war that continued on for two decades, half a world away. That said, he wishes the departure from the "forever war" had been done differently.

Eric Jaskolski

Eric Jaskolski

"I would have to say it’s something that should have been pulled off slow….especially at this time. Not completely evacuating, I think that should have been handled way different," Jaskolski said.

Jaskolski said he is proud of his service in the Army Reserve. Right now, he works at the V.A. 


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