Argument leads to bottle bomb being tossed into vehicle, 2 in custody

GRAFTON -- A 21-year-old Village of Grafton man and a 20-year-old Sheboygan man are in custody after an incident at Lime Kiln Park late on Friday, November 9th.

Officials say there was a conflict between two groups of people at the park late Friday that resulted in a homemade "bottle bomb" being thrown into the interior of a car that was filled with people. The bottle bomb was thrown out of the vehicle before it exploded. No injuries were reported.

An investigation by police identified the suspect vehicle and ultimately the suspects involved in the conflict. Inspection of the suspect vehicle revealed a homemade explosive device in the back of the vehicle.

The homemade explosive device consisted of a reinforced toilet paper role containing chemicals designed to produce heat, pressure and smoke. The manner of detonation appears to be ignition by lighting a fuse.

Upon discovery of the homemade explosive device, officers contacted the Milwaukee County Bomb Disposal Unit which responded with their rapid response vehicle. The device was rendered safe by the Milwaukee County Bomb Disposal personnel and recovered for evidence.

The names of the suspects have been withheld at this time pending further investigation and coordination with the District Attorney’s Office.