Are your children getting the right amount of sleep? Check this chart which has gone viral!

KENOSHA -- Now that the kids are back in class for the start of the school year, some parents may find it's a bit of a challenge to get their children to bed a little earlier. That's where a chart posted by a Wilson Elementary School teacher comes into play.

"It's taken this school by storm -- and more so, because barely 200 kids attend here and this chart suggesting what time your child should go to bed has been shared on Facebook more than 300,000 times," Stacy Karlsen, first grade teacher at Wilson Elementary School said.

Stacy Karlsen

Orange slices and broccoli were on the menu at Wilson Elementary School on Thursday, September 3rd, and Karlsen knows a healthy diet is just part of the equation that can result in a more focused student. The other is enough sleep.

"We can't be tired at school," a Wilson Elementary School student said.

The teacher from Wilson Elementary posted on Facebook a chart which advises parents on when children should go to sleep -- based on their age. The chart has gone viral -- having been shared more than 340,000 times as of Wednesday evening.

"It was crazy. I had to come back to my office and go to the Wilson Elementary School Facebook page to see it for myself," Yolanda Jackson-Lewis, Wilson Elementary School principal said.

Karlsen says she just wanted to share some tips with her students' parents.

"Initially i just said to my principal 'you have to be kidding me.' To me, it was a shock. I didnt make it up. I found it coming across my personal page and I thought 'wow,this is super helpful,'" Karlsen said.

"We can tell who's well-rested and ready for their day and those who maybe didn`t get enough sleep the night before," Jackson-Lewis said.

And now, thanks to Ms. Karlsen, the conversation about bedtimes has started.

"That`s what the purpose is. We`re just trying to get people to think 'is there something I should be doing to help my child?'" Jackson-Lewis said.

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