Are you going to the proper polling place?

MILWAUKEE -- For the last 35 years, Santo DiNicola says he's voted at Milwaukee's Maple Tree Elementary School, so, a couple of days ago, when he got a notice telling him to vote at River Trails School, DiNicola says he was confused, and concerned.

"My big concern is how many people got this? What if half the city got the wrong information? What if 10,000 people are supposed to vote, and 5,000 people are standing at the wrong poll?" DiNicola asks.

The executive director of the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, Sue Edman, explains her staff is in the process of sending notices to some 170,000 registered voters -- many of whom will be in new districts, and/or wards, as a result of the 2010 census.

Edman says Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board flagged 50,000 of those for the Commission to review, because they live on the various ward boundary lines. "My staff spent several days manually checking 50,000 addresses, and during the process, we may have made a few errors," Edman said.

Three staff members continued to work Friday, and as they conducted a second review, DiNicola's notice is determined to be inaccurate.

Edman suggests folks double-check their notification cards, and call the Commission at 414-286-3491.