Archbishop Listecki stops in West Allis bar to say 'thanks'

WEST ALLIS -- On a typical Saturday afternoon Kip's Inn serves up the regulars.  It's a place where everybody treats you like family.

"It's just a really really close knit group of people," bartender Piper Rauen said.

That's why it's no surprise, the patrons pulled together to collect dozens of gifts for area families.  It's part of a Catholic Charities donation.

"We have such a huge group of regulars that come to this bar and they all just love to help out and we all know that's what Christmas is all about," Rauen said.

Saturday, a very special guest, Archbishop Jerome Listecki,  stopped by to say thank you to patrons.

"I'm here to thank them publicly for the generosity and to let them know how much of a difference it makes in  people's lives," Listecki said.

Together the bar patrons collected presents for five families and presented a $300 check.  Archbishop Listecki said he hopes this giving inspires others to do the same.

"These people realize there are people hurting at Christmas and they want that spirit to basically continue," Listecki said.

Catholic Charities will help more than 2,000 people in 10 Wisconsin counties this holiday season.