Apps to know: TV Time, Simple Habit & Halide Camera

These Apps to Know can help you keep track of your TV shows, meditate when you have a few minutes and take professional level photos on your iPhone.

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TV Time

I love this app because it helps you keep track of the TV shows you're watching - or want to watch - no matter what channel or streaming service they are on. Add your shows and then mark episodes as you watch them. This way you never lose your place in a season! My other favorite part is the community discussion forums. You can still get that "watercooler" discussion feeling even if you're binging alone.

Simple Habit

Only have a few minutes to meditate? Simple Habit can help. There are thousands of quick meditation programs inside this app. My favorite part is the "wheel" where you can get a program tailored to your mood and time frame. First, select an activity - like "big event," "walking" or "taking a break" and set how much time you have. You'll get a meditation program to fit. Brilliant. There are some free programs but this is primarily a subscription service. Try two weeks free (no credit card necessary) with my link.

Halide Cam

This app lets you take pictures on your iPhone like a pro. You can adjust settings like you'd find on a DSLA camera - including focus, exposure and shutter. You can also shoot in RAW format. One feature you won't find? Zoom. That's because most pros would rather shoot the full frame and crop their picture when they edit it later. Halide is usually $5 but it's discounted to $3 for a limited time.