"Any package is fair game for them:" Crooks stealing packages off front porches

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Shopping online is very popular, but are you keeping an eye on when your packages arrive? If not, you may never get them and they can end up in the wrong hands.

Two surveillance cameras captured a thief walking up to a house, opening a package sitting on a front porch and taking off with what was inside.

"Any package is fair game for them. They will take whatever they find and they will open it up at their own convenience. Some of them will open up the packages right there or around the corner and will discard the items they are not interested in," said U.S. Postal Inspector Ketty Larco.

The crooks will strike in broad daylight.

"These thieves will target these locations in normal business areas when people are generally out of the house working when there is no one around," Larco explained.

Authorities say they aren't doing it alone. In fact, police have arrested groups of people who follow delivery trucks.

"They will actually go out in groups and follow the truck and go from block to block with the trucks and pretty much load their cars," Larco said.

After they get the packages, they will then go through the items and discard anything they can't re-sell.

"They will pocket those expensive items they can re- sell on the street, either online or to other co-conspirators that are interested in buying stolen items," Larco revealed.

You don't have to be a victim. These crimes can be prevented.

"We encourage customers to request for a signature service for their packages. We, also, recommend, if they can, have their packages delivered to the place of employment or ask a relative or a neighbor to received packages on their behalf," Larco said.