Annoyed by ads on the internet? Here are some ways to block them

MILWAUKEE --  Are you annoyed by ads on the internet? Jordon Meyer with Granular Marketing joins Studio A to talk about ad blockers.

Who is Granular? (website)

Granular was formed by two senior paid search analysts with a passion for working with clients beyond the 9-5. Jordon Meyer and Jamie Aakre have a combined 18 years of experience in the online marketing industry, managing digital marketing for SMBs and Fortune 100 companies. The two joined forces at Best Buy corporate in Minneapolis in 2011 as lead paid search analysts on the corporate marketing team, managing 10’s of millions of dollars in PPC spend.

In late 2014, Granular made the transition from moonlighting to operating as a full-time digital marketing agency, and made the move back to Milwaukee. Granular has grown rapidly in 2015 with 5 full-time hires and continues to build its expert PPC team in their modern Milwaukee office in the Third Ward.

Granular is here to shake up the traditional agency model in a few ways, with culture and service. Granular only hires senior PPC experts who each run their entire client service – communication, planning, execution and reporting. This removes a lot of unnecessary layers and costs that most (yes, Most) agencies pass on to their clients. With this comes a level of service and results that are extraordinarily different than the majority of digital/web shops out there.