And, they're off! Retirees off to the races with 'Furlong Fury,' racetrack dice game

MUSKEGO -- By the time we reach our golden years, we are supposed to be ready to slow down and enjoy life. Don’t tell that to the residents at Muskego’s Stoney Creek Adult Community!

Track Boss Mike brought the excitement of the Kentucky Derby home. He created and crafted "Furlong Fury" -- a racetrack dice game -- a testament to his love of the ponies and passion for life.

“I love people’s reaction. The names of the horses. I can kid around with them (the players). It’s just a lot of fun,” said Mike.

FOX6 News found the retirees at Stoney Creek all in -- too late in life to bet the farm, and too young at heart to settle for second.

“I have to win. I must, or I’ll never show my face at Lexington again,” said one player with a smile.


A good roll and a little luck was all these temporary jockeys would need to round the track and savor victory.

“Great, now she’s gonna treat me to dinner!” explained one retiree.

After an afternoon of excitement, the players were ready to return to greener pastures.

Track Boss Mike said he had hopes of selling his game to an investor, but hadn't found a buyer. He said he enjoys playing with family and friends.