"An awful lot of lives are being impacted:" Driver accused of killing cyclists in Muskego makes first court appearance

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- He's facing 50 years in prison after police say the car he was driving hit and killed two cyclists Saturday, June 6th in Muskego. Friday, June 19th Brett Hartley was in court for the first time.

With the support of his family, 20-year-old Brett Hartley enters the courtroom for the first time. He's charged with two counts of second degree reckless homicide. He told police he "fell asleep" at the wheel, hitting and killing two bicyclists on State Highway 36 in Muskego.

"There's an awful lot of lives that are being impacted right there by one incident," said the commissioner.

The Olivers among them -- Tony Oliver was one of the two men killed. The other, a close family friend, Paul Brown. Their funerals were held together just one week ago and more than 900 people showed up.

"It really showed that Paul and my dad had a huge impact on all the people that were there. I can imagine him just sitting here and just telling us that you know what has happened has already happened and no matter how we react from this point on, it's not going to make a difference. We don't get back what we lost," said Danelle Oliver, Tony's Daughter.

Support from others also helps get her through, including those who helped her dad that day.

"The starkness of the situation is kind of like I don't believe what I'm seeing happening in front of me right now," said Michael Olson, witness to fatal crash.

Michael Olson, an off duty paramedic, and others, made sure the scene was safe and started life-saving measures.

"Though we had never worked together, there was almost a flow and a sense of organization to what was going on with everyone involved in the scene," said Olson.

It is something that will forever connect them -- the Browns, the Olivers and the Hartleys.

Hartley was given a $5,000 cash bond plus $10,000 signature bond. He was ordered to stay with his parents and stay away from alcohol and drugs.

A blood test revealed he did have alcohol in his system.