America's favorite Easter candies filling baskets in 2022, according to Instacart

FILE - A display of Easter Candy at the Port Clinton Peanut Shop.

Got "some-bunny" in your house craving Easter sweets? America’s most popular Easter candies may surprise you.

As we recently learned from grocery delivery and pick-up platform, Instacart, America has some interesting preferences when it comes to Easter treats. 

Grocery delivery and pick-up platform, Instacart, recently crunched numbers from purchase data and The Harris Poll survey responses from more than 2,000 Americans nationwide to reveal the top 10 most popular Easter candies filling baskets, the top Easter sweets in each state and more.

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Perhaps one of the biggest surprises is just how much Americans really love those chocolate bunnies and Easter egg sweets as opposed to other holiday treats.

According to the findings, nearly two-thirds of Americans (65%) agree Easter candy is the best seasonal candy, and 57% say Easter candy is better than Halloween candy. 


Easter candy popularity across America. (Instacart)

"Americans are quite fond of seasonal Easter candy with egg-shaped chocolates reigning supreme," Instacart’s Trends Expert Laurentia Romaniuk told FOX Business, noting that the Cadbury Easter Crème Egg and Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs not only cinched the first and second place spots for top purchased Easter candy overall in the nation, but when combined, they’re also the top candy in each state across 88% of the country. 


America's favorite Easter candies. (Instacart)

"This immense popularity can likely be attributed to the limited-time availability of these uniquely shaped confections and tasty fillings. If you’re wondering how traditional Easter candies like jelly beans stack up—don’t fret— they’re not going out of style anytime soon," she continued. "Our data shows that sales for this popular candy soar by more than 100% in the two weeks leading up to Easter, making these chewy treats an Easter stronghold." 

Another fun factoid: there's apparently mixed feelings about marshmallow chicks. Based on Instacart's research, a quarter of Americans eat marshmallow chicks for the sake of tradition despite it being among their least favorite Easter candies. Interestingly, marshmallow chicks experience the highest sales growth— a whopping 111%—during the two weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

If you’re looking for a last-minute Easter candy fix this Sunday you can order on Instacart with delivery as fast as one hour, from more than 70,000 stores in more than 5,500 cities in North America.


Marshmallow chicks or jelly beans?  (Instacart)

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