American Girl releases new 'historical' dolls and they're '90s twins from Seattle

American Girl introduced its newest historical dolls, and they're twins who grew up in Seattle in 1999.

Yes, the '90s are back in style!

According to the American Girl's website, twins Isabel and Nicki Hoffman are the line's first-ever twin characters. 

Isabel is described as bubbly, extroverted and very into pop music, and Nicki is described as thoughtful introverted and passionate about skateboarding.

They may be twins but Isabel and Nicki have their differences. Nicki's hobby includes writing lyrics while Isabel loves dancing and decorating. Nicki was afraid of the Y2K bug and Isabel's has a fear of heights, 'like at the Space Needle."

American Girl spoke with real-life twin authors Julia DeVillers and Jennifer Roy, who developed and wrote the twins' overall stories. 

"We both feel very honored to help tell Isabel and Nicki’s twin stories. Like Isabel and Nicki, we think we have "twin-tuition!" Jennifer and I have a lot of spooky "twin" moments where it’s like we’re reading each other’s mind! Being a twin means you have a unique bond. You’ve shared your lives together. Isabel and Nicki also share a room like we did, which means extra bonding time in late-night talk sessions," DeVillers told American Girl.

"Isabel and Nicki find themselves moving away from each other as they explore themselves as individuals, but they always make their way back together for more closeness and fun. This is similar to us. Julia and I have some separate interests and different things going on and we live in different states, but we always make sure to spend time together," Roy said.