Ally’s Powerhouse Cafe in Wauwatosa getting great reviews

There’s a new café in Wauwatosa that’s getting great reviews from guests and Brian is there to check it out. He’s at Ally’s Powerhouse Café with a preview of what makes it so special.

About Ally's Powerhouse (website)

In September of 2011, Rodney and Michelle moved their family from Wausau, WI to Menomonee Falls to open Ally’s Bistro. Their vision was to create a small bistro that was welcoming and served fresh and flavorful food, and welcomed people like they were coming to your home.

Rodney and Michelle both worked at his parent’s restaurant up in Merrill, WI, eventually running the restaurant for them until they sold it. They both left the restaurant industry for almost 20 years until they opened Ally’s Bistro. For them, it was like coming back to something that seemed so familiar. The old recipes, the interaction with the guests, and the regulars that become like family to them.

Their approach to food isn’t complicated. Fresh ingredients, the right amount of spice and flavors, and all served within moments of being prepared. What’s even more important is the welcoming atmosphere created by their dedicated team members. They know that what their guests feel when they walk into Ally’s for the first time, sets the tone for everything else. So they strive hard to make sure each guest feels welcomed, as though they are walking in as an invited guest to their home.