Alleged toe sucker facing new charges after more women step forward: "I actually am a very good person"

TOLEDO, Ohio --  An Ohio man accused of sucking a woman's toes against her will is facing more charges after new victims stepped forward.

Joseph Jones appeared for his scheduled court date on Tuesday, February 28th, but because of the new charges, he was cuffed and detained to ensure he didn't get a case of cold feet before being called.

"In the investigation of this case, I found a few very concerning things about this individual," the prosecutor said.

New charges were filed after three more women came forward, telling police Jones grabbed their feet and removed their shoes without permission.

The prosecution told the judge they're concerned with this pattern of alleged behavior.

"I think he creates a danger to society in general. I know on the surface this seems kind of comical, but I am concerned by the undertones," the prosecutor said.

Jones has been banned from several stores, including the Franklin Park Mall, and with four alleged victims, the judge decided to place Jones on electronic monitoring to ensure he doesn't try to visit his alleged victims who have all filed protection orders against him.

Jones tried to explain why he feels he's being targeted.

"I'm actually a good person. I am a business owner and I do feel I may be targeted for some of the things I do. One of my businesses is I do speak on feminism," Jones said.

The alleged victims seem to be complete strangers to Jones. All of the alleged incidents happened in very open public places.