Alleged cop killer’s roommate says suspect acted like nothing happened minutes after shooting

DAVIS, Calif. - Cheryl Brecheisen-Walker and her husband, Bill Walker, had lived in a home on E Street for several months with their son and their other roommate, suspected killer Kevin Limbaugh, according to KTXL.

“‘You know I love you guys, right?' And he shot us a Kevin grin," Brecheisen-Walker recalled.

Those were the last words Limbaugh spoke to his roommate as he left their Davis home Thursday evening.

"He came back in, like, 20 minutes and he … there was no sign," Brecheisen-Walker told KTXL "He wasn’t sweating. He had nothing in his hair. It was like he went down and bought a pack of smokes and came home like every other day."

But he hadn’t gone to the store. Instead, police say Limbaugh went down the street to 5th and D, ambushing 22-year-old Davis police Officer Natalie Corona as she responded to a car crash, shooting and killing her.

"The worst thing in Davis in 60 years and it comes to my house. What do I do with that?" Brecheisen-Walker said. "How do you heal from that? Where do you go from that when you’re so stupid you didn’t even know?"

Brecheisen-Walker had lived in the E Street home since September with Limbaugh, her husband and their adult son.

She says she knew Limbaugh had trouble with the law in the past. He was arrested in September for assaulting his co-worker at Cache Creek Casino. He was given probation and ordered to surrender his AR-15 rifle.

"My husband drove him to the police department to take the AR," Brecheisen-Walker said. "I said, 'There’s no way anyone who owns this gun is living in my house.'"

She thought that was the end of it. Limbaugh had made a mistake and she hoped he was turning his life around.

She never expected what happened on Thursday.

"If I would have thought there was anything wrong I would have called," she said.

Brecheisen-Walker now prays for Officer Corona’s family and hopes her community can recover.

"This never should have happened. None of this should have happened," she said.

The Walkers are out of their home for the time being as police investigate. They say they will forever be thankful for the quick response of police officers.