All about balance: Local Republicans react to Trump's VP pick

OZAUKEE COUNTY -- Locally, Donald Trump and political observers are reacting to the announcement of Mike Pence as the Republican running mate.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump

Soon enough, volunteers will fill offices making call after call, singing the praises of Donald Trump and now, Mike Pence. One analyst says the announcement was somewhat unusual, which is what we're coming to expect from the Republican nominee.

In a speech that lasted about 25 minutes, Donald Trump delivered prepared remarks with plenty of improvisation mixed in.

"We saw a Trump speech, and by the way, he introduced his running mate and this is just so the opposite of what we're used to," said UW-Milwaukee Professor Mordecai Lee.

Lee says by picking Pence, Trump is clearly appealing to any traditional conservatives still uncomfortable with Trump.

"I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican in that order," said Pence.

Mike Pence

"What Trump is doing was sending a signal to the standard, conservative, rank-and-file Republicans saying, 'I know you have concerns about me but look at this guy. This guy is your kind of guy,'" said Lee.

Pence was previously in Congress before becoming Indiana's governor. During the primary, he did not support Trump.

Mike Pence

Wisconsin Republican delegate Van Mobley did support Trump back then -- he says the Pence selection is encouraging.

"It assures people, since Pence actually supported Cruz in the primaries, this is one of the best things about Donald Trump's character -- he does not hold grudges," said Mobley.

As Pence spoke Saturday, Trump was off stage. Lee says that may seem strange but he expects to see very few joint appearances going forward.

"Because he does like being the only one on stage and he's more comfortable when he can really improvise and say what he wants to say at whatever length he wants to say it," said Lee.

Lee says, based on early ad spending and where candidates have appeared, it does not look like Wisconsin is a main battleground state -- at least not at this time. In his words, we're living in a second-tier battleground state. Something to follow in the weeks to come.