Alert: Milwaukee gas station shut down for selling fuel mixed with water

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Alderman Russell Stamper issued a news release on Wednesday, Feb. 21 alerting the public about the shutdown of a gas station that was selling gas mixed with water. The station in question is located at 23rd and Fond du Lac Ave.

The release indicates state officials received a consumer complaint on Tuesday morning -- and sent a state inspector to the gas station around noon. After conducting tests, it was concluded the tanks at the station had water in them. The operator of the gas station was told the station could no longer sell gasoline.

Gas station at 23rd and Fond du Lac Ave.

While it’s early in the investigation, it appears the water in the gas was due to the heavy rain from the prior day and that some of the seals on the filling portion of the tank were faulty.

The gas station owner will not be able to sell gas until the issues with the faulty tanks are resolved and tested by the state.

Delora Davis

FOX6 spoke with a driver who unknowingly filled up her tank with the bad gas and started having car problems within minutes.

"We had it towed to the dealership and the dealership was like, 'this is what we found in your gas. This is water. This is what caused the problem,'" Delora Davis said.

Davis said she had to have her spark plugs replaced and her fluid system cleaned, which cost about $800.

Delora Davis

If a consumer feels they have been victimized they can call consumer protection at 608-224-4942.