Alabama man accused of locking toddler in running dryer

ALABASTER, Ala. – An Alabama man faces multiple charges after authorities say he abused a toddler on multiple occasions by locking the child inside a dryer and turning it on.

Steven Garrett Todhunter, 25, faces charges of domestic violence by strangulation or suffocation and aggravated child abuse, Shelby County Sheriff's Office records show.

“On numerous occasions Steven G. Todhunter placed the victim in the washing machine or dryer,’’ according to an arrest warrant obtained by The Birmingham News. “When the victim was placed in the drying (sic), (the suspect) would close and secure the door with a chair, and sometimes turn the dryer on.”

The court documents did not specify the age of the victim, now what relationship he might have to Todhunter. According to the paper, Todhunter is the father of a 3-year-old.

Todhunter is also accused of choking an adult until the victim "passed out," according to the Alabaster Reporter.

Court records show Todhunter, who is due back in court in early Feb. posted $10,000 bond for each charge and was released from jail Jan. 13.