Ahead of release of "Finding Dory," fish experts warn blue tangs are not for beginners

Pixar's highly-anticipated sequel to "Finding Nemo" will soon hit theaters -- and there is concern about what the film's popularity means for a certain fish.

Everyone's favorite forgetful fish is swimming back to theaters in 2016 in "Finding Dory."

Ellen Degeneres returns as Dory -- the breakout star from 2003's Oscar-winning "Finding Nemo."

The fish Dory represents is called a blug tang, but if you ask a child the fish's name, they'll probably say "Dory." Fish experts are expecting the blue tangs to become a hot commodity due to the film's popularity.

It's become a concern at aquariums and fish stores.

"A lot of kids seek out those animals -- and recognize them. There was a big rush to buy 'Nemo.' We saw about a 30 percent increase in sales," Mike Concannon, Houston Zoo Aquarium supervisor said.

"The blue tang is definitely not a beginner fish. The investment that you're going to make to keep an animal like the blue tang, or the hippo tang healthy over its lifetime would probably approach $1,000 dollars just for the setup," Dennis Hoang, with FJW Aquarium said.

"Finding Dory" hits theaters on June 17th, 2016.