After club promoter's death, friends stepping up for his young sons

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Christopher Gray, a popular Milwaukee club promoter was killed one week ago when he came home to a robbery in progress. Now, his family members and friends are working to make sure his young sons have a merry Christmas.

"We know how much he loved his children," Shantel Stovall said.

Toys and money were being collected on Sunday, November 24th for two boys who are suddenly facing a Christmas without their dad.

"I do worry about the fact that they're such young kids and they're boys and boys need their father," Stovall said.

Friends of Christopher Gray hosted the fundraiser one week after Gray's sudden death.

"Hopefully they leave with a big truck full of toys. That's our biggest goal," William Gardner said.

28-year-old Gray was a well-known Milwaukee club promoter who went by the name "Caly Kris."

Police say Gray went home around 2:15 a.m. last Monday to a robbery in progress. They say Gray confronted the suspects, a scuffle ensued, and Gray died as a result of his injuries.

Less than 24 hours later, Gray's sons were among hundreds standing outside Gray's home in shared grief.

"I know we can't bring him back, but I wish we could," Gardener said.

Gardner worked with Gray doing promotions for Brooklyn's. He says they spent Gray's last night alive together -- working at the bar.

"This was his home and this still is always going to be his home," Gardner said.

On Sunday night, hundreds were expected at Brooklyn's for a night dedicated to Gray.

"I just want him to be remembered for what he was to us," Stovall said.

Gray's friends say they want their last gift to their friend to be joy for his sons this Christmas.

"He wasn't just our friend. He was our family," Gardner said.

Money raised during the fundraiser will go into bank accounts for Gray's sons that they can access when they're older.

At this point, police are still trying to identify the suspects responsible for Gray's death, and have not made an arrest.