Adam Floyd faces multiple charges in connection with Burlington standoff

RACINE CO. (WITI) -- 27-year-old Adam Floyd faces multiple criminal charges following a standoff in the Town of Burlington that began late Sunday, May 26th and ended early Monday morning.

Floyd faces three counts of telephone harassment, a disorderly conduct charge and one count of stalking.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Floyd, he repeatedly called his ex-girlfriend (the mother of his children) on May 23rd, "telling her that he was going to come and take their children away from her and threatening to slit her throat."

The alleged victim stated that earlier that day, she had gone to the Walworth County Jail and met with Floyd as he was released on Huber. There, she reportedly told him that she was breaking up with him. She stated that Floyd was not very happy when she left him and that after that, he began calling her non-stop.

The complaint indicates on Sunday, May 26th, the alleged victim called 911 and stated that Floyd was inside her residence and had gone into the basement where the children were sleeping. Deputies were dispatched to the home after dispatch was advised that Floyd had threatened to kill the children.

The complaint says once a SWAT team arrived on the scene, entry was made into the home and located in the basement were the four children. All were sleeping and unharmed.

Floyd was later found outside of the residence by other officers.

Floyd made his initial appearance in court on Tuesday, where it was determined his cash bond would be set at $25,000 due to the nature of the offense, and the fact that Floyd was on bail when the incident occurred.

Floyd was also ordered to have no contact with the victim, her family and her residence.

Floyd has previously been convicted of misdemeanor battery, felony burglary and misdemeanor theft.

If convicted on the new charges, Floyd faces up to three-and-a-half years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

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