Actor Vin Diesel spotted in downtown Hartford; visits Puebla's Kitchen, Scoop DeVille

HARTFORD -- On Tuesday, May 29 downtown Hartford was like any other day -- until actor Vin Diesel was spotted walking down the street.

FOX6 viewer Lana Primus Gonzalez captured the "The Fast and the Furious" star outside Puebla's Kitchen Tuesday afternoon.

After a stop at Puebla's, Gonzalez says Diesel headed over to Scoop DeVille across the street.

Vin Diesel in Hartford courtesy: Lana Primus Gonzalez

Gonzalez shared the photos with her Facebook viewers, and many reached out to FOX6 wanting to know why he was in town. That question remains: why was Vin in the area? We're still hoping to find out!

Either way, welcome to Wisconsin Vin!

Businesses catching word of Vin's visit are getting creative.